Hong Kong local transportation:

 Hong Kong local transportation fee is based on weight ($ 9HKD) min: $200 and will be displayed on the checkout page. (Except for remote areas: Additional transportation fees will be charged.)

Delivery: 5-10 working days (including transportation time)

Return Policy:

How to report the question:

Send us email along with the following information (

1. The order number and product model of the problem product

2. Clearly display the normal size of the problem

3. Briefly explain its problem

Reporting period: Please report any problems with any problem within 2 weeks after receiving the goods. Overdue declaration will not be accepted.

How do we handle the items reported as a problem:

Our usual practice is that if the goods are confirmed as it is completely unacceptable, the price of 100% of the goods will be recorded in the customer’s account or returned.

If the goods only find some slightly solved problems, we will consider giving a proportion of the price of the goods to record the customer’s account or refund the product, and the proportion depends on the extent of the problem.

1. Accept the reason for problem:

1.1: Defective product with obvious quality problems

1.2: Missed Products: Different from the products you ordered, color and style

2. Do not accept the reason for problems:

2.1: We do not accept exchange requirements for customer subjective reasons: (color does not like, color difference (different display, color will be different); no imagination is beautiful, not advanced, too big or too small for reasons

2.2: The goods are removed, washed, used goods

2.3: Special discount products

Payment information:

When you order your order, we will immediately send you an invoice with the email. 50% deposited need to pay after the order is confirmed.

Local (Hong Kong) ICBC deposit / transfer / deposit check

Benefit account name: Universal Care bio-degradable Products Co. Ltd

ICBC Account Number:  864520025125